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You've seen him as an elf and a swashbuckling pirate. How about a Trojan prince, or maybe even a boxer, or... the list goes on. Conclusion: Orlando Bloom is one spectacular British actor. Here you will find news, information, photos, downloads, and more. If you want to contact Orlando, here is information on Orlando's Official Fan Mail Address. If you have questions, check out the FAQ or head on over to the lively forum! Welcome to Orlando Bloom Central.

Message to site visitors
posted March 26, 2008

Hello Orlando fans! This is the webmaster speaking... I apologize for not updating the website - unfortunately these days, I am ever more busy than ever. As always, feel free to mingle in the OBC Forum to check out news and photos, and also visit the classic sites OBM and OBF.

New website layout
posted April 29, 2007

Hello everyone! It's time for a new look for OBC, so I hope you enjoy the new design. There are many sections that will still be a little outdated, as well as a few missing pages, but I will be trying to update those sections as I find free time.

Happy Birthday to Orlando!

Orlando turns 30 on January 13th! Happy Birthday!

"Pirates: At World's End" publicity photos
posted January 11, 2007

Check out these super-sweet publicity photos from the upcoming "Pirates" film!

Orlando in Entertainment Weekly
posted January 7, 2007

In the January 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly (#915, with American Idol on the cover), there is a picture of Orlando and a writeup about his hilarious appearance on "Extras." Orlando's episode of the show will be on the 13th!

Message from webmaster
posted November 19, 2006

Hello everyone! Just a short notice to inform all of you how sorry I am for the little amount of updates to the site! Please know that I will never permanently give up working on OBC - it's come very far and I'll never let it go :) It's my last year of college so the coursework is unbearable, and I have two jobs, so it's super hard to focus on my sites like I used to! But remember, keep chatting it up at the forum, and keep submitting cool stuff like pictures, etc. - I'll get around to it eventually! Thanks for your continued support of the site, all the way since 2001 - love you guys! --From the webmaster

TV Watch: Orlando on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
posted on September 9, 2006

From the publicity team at Telepictures Productions: Tune in!! Orlando Bloom will be a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. Check your local listings or visit www.ellenshow.com for time and channel.

Orlando in an episode of TV series "Extras"
posted on September 5, 2006

Orlando will appear in an episode of the comedy series "Extras" - the second series starts on BBC Two on Thursday 14 September at 9pm. Click here for an article and picture at BBC's website!

From The Hollywood News: Orlando Bloom is apparently to tear Johnny Depp to pieces in a new TV series. Don't worry though as it's all in jest as Orlando appears in the second series of EXTRAS alongside Ricky Gervais. He appears in the first episode of the new series, and is said by the Mirror to be playing a vain actor who boasts that all of the women were all over him on the set of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. "It's my looks that all the girls fawn all over. Nobody was bothered about Johnny on set." The newspaper reports that he says in the show. "Johnny freak 'I make art-house movies and have stupid scissors for hands'. Willy Wonka more like Johnny Wanker." What will Johnny think?

Update: Watch a clip of it at YouTube!

TV Watch: Orlando on "Tonight Show With Jay Leno"
posted on August 27, 2006

Orlando will be on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Tuesday, August 29th! He will be talking about Haven. Watch the show at 11:35pm Eastern Standard Time, and check your local listings to make sure! Don't miss it!

Teen Choice Awards
posted on August 27, 2006

"Dead Man's Chest" was a huge winner during this year's Teen Choice Awards! The cast and the movie itself swept up several awards - check out the entire list of winners here - and Orlando took home Best Male Hottie and Best Rumble! Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Check out a video of Orlando, backstage at the awards, talking about what chores he had to perform as a teen - click here and sroll to the bottom of the page. Thanks to Ms. Christianson at Celebrity Week for the info!

"Dead Man's Chest" soundtrack remixes
posted on July 10, 2006

Following the record breaking opening weekend of the film, six new soundtrack remixes are now available for "Dead Man's Chest." The remixes - by popular DJs such as Tiesto (voted the #1 DJ in the world), Pete n' Red, Friscia & Lamboy and Chris Joss - can be sampled here! The tracks are also available on iTunes and as Ring Tones. Thanks to the film's marketing team for the info!

Interview with Orlando @ The Cinema Source
posted on July 10, 2006

The Cinema Source has an exclusive interview with Orlando, along with some images. Thanks to Dan for the update!

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